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Rodelco Electronics Corporation
Rodelco Electronics Corporation, a registered SMALL BUSINESS founded in 1967, is an industry leading supplier of RF and Microwave hardware used in critical military and aerospace applications. With proven RF and microwave products installed on hundreds of different military and aerospace platforms, our customer base has come to rely on us for FLEXIBLE MICROWAVE SOLUTIONS.


FLEXIBLE MICROWAVE SOLUTIONS means that Rodelco Electronics is focused on our customers' needs. We utilize our highly skilled, multi-disciplined technical team and state of the art facility to design, develop and manufacture your components or complex integrated microwave assemblies. We specialize in FLEXIBLE MICROWAVE SOLUTIONS in the areas of Sources,Converters, Receivers, Integrated Microwave Assemblies, Control Components (Phase Shifters, PIN Diode Switches and Attenuators) and Amplifiers. Contact us with your requirements to find why FLEXIBLE MICROWAVE SOLUTIONS from Rodelco Electronics Corporation is the answer.

RF and Microwave Products

Frequency Synthesizers Converters and Receivers Integrated Microwave Assemblies Integrated Microwave Assemblies PIN Diode Switches PIN Diode Attenuators Amplifiers
Converters and
Integrated Microwave
PIN Diode
Control Components
PIN Diode Attenuators