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Rodelco Electronics Corporation, a Small Business founded in 1967

Rodelco Electronics Corporation

Rodelco Electronics Corporation, founded in 1967, is an industry leading supplier of custom RF and Microwave hardware for performance critical applications of the military and aerospace communities. Since its inception, the company has developed capabilities in both "build-to-print" and "design to specification" of complex microwave and RF products. With proven RF and microwave products installed on hundreds of different military and aerospace platforms, our customer base has come to rely on us for FLEXIBLE MICROWAVE SOLUTIONS

FLEXIBLE MICROWAVE SOLUTIONS means that Rodelco Electronics is focused on our customers' needs. We specialize in FLEXIBLE MICROWAVE SOLUTIONS in the areas of Frequency Sources, Converters, Receivers, Integrated Microwave Assemblies, Control Components (PIN Diode Switches, Phase Shifters and Attenuators) and Amplifiers.

Rodelco's 20,000 square foot facility allows us to design, fabricate and test complex microwave assemblies, all under one roof. The requisite equipment and trained personnel are readily available to assure the finest quality microwave hardware is consistently produced. As any customer would expect, the plant is ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D:2016 Certified.

Specifically, our manufacturing facility includes:

Advanced Microwave Test Capabilities:

  • VNA/PNA, Noise Figure and associated peripheral equipment to 50 GHz

  • Automated Test Equipment (ATE) Capabilities

  • ESS and Burn-In Chambers In-House

Advanced Microwave Test CapabilitiesEnvironmental testing

Microelectronics Assembly:

  •   • Class 100,000 Clean Room

      • Hybrid Microelectronic Equipment

      • Volume Eutectic Bonding Equipment

      • Die Shear, Bond Pull, Fine and Gross Leak Process Verification Equipment

      • Critical Performance In The Smallest Possible Package Size

Rodelco Electronics Corporation Microelectronics Assembly

CCA Assembly:

  •   • High Speed Mydata (MY12) Surface Mount Line

      • DEK 248 Screen Printer

      • Heller 1700 Reflow Oven

      • Prototyping Capability


Rodelco Electronics Corporation CCA Assembly

Performance in today's microwave market is measured in capabilities and design time. Our engineering team helps create FLEXIBLE MICROWAVE SOLUTIONS utilizing the latest design tools available in the industry. Our engineering design tools include:

  •   • 3D Electromagnetic Software Suite for Design and Analysis

      • 3D Mechanical Drawing Software

      • PWB Design and Analysis Software

      • Audited Configuration Control Drawing Procedures

Rodelco Electronics Corporation Microelectronics Assembly