Custom Solutions


Pin Diode Switches

pin diode switches

The introduction of high performance PIN diode switches at Rodelco more than 25 years ago has today developed into a broad spectrum of custom microwave control products. These products meet today's exacting requirements for superior performance and quality. These switches are available with many different options to allow for flexibility. Our custom switches have been rigorously qualified under the most demanding military environment. 

• Broad Frequency Ranges for products 1 to 18 GHz
• Ultra Fast Switching Times

• Compact Size Hybrid, Microelectronic  Construction

• Full Military Screening Options
• SPST to SP8T






Pin Diode Attenuators

pin diode attenuators

Rodelco designs custom PIN Diode Attenuators to allow our customers the option to select the optimum component performance. These PIN diode attenuators cover the frequency range from 100 MHz to greater than 26 GHz and are available with either voltage controlled or digitally controlled interfaces. These attenuators are available with many different options to allow a certain degree of customization while maintaining the cost advantages of standard products. These custom attenuators has been rigorously qualified under the most demanding military environment.

• Frequency Range 2 to 18 GHz
• High Levels of Attenuation

• Low Insertion Loss

• Fast Switching Speeds
• Military Screening Options Available






Phase Shifters

phase shifter

Rodelco's has developed custom Phase Shifters to allow our customers to tightly control the phase and amplitude of signals to achieve the best performance required for the system. Our repeatable, highly accurate, reliable designs operate over frequency ranges from 100 MHz to 26 GHz.

• Phase Control 360° with 8 Bit Resolution
• Octave bands

• Switching Speed <0.5 microsec
• Low additive phase noise





Our concept of FLEXIBLE MICROWAVE SOLUTIONS allows our customers to participate in the design process and to insure that the mission requirements are met.

Contact our Sales Department to inquire about your custom solution Control Component requirements.