RODELCO ELECTRONICS has designed and delivered numerous custom RF and Microwave Frequency Synthesizers, Receivers and Exciters to the Military and Aerospace marketplace. We have delivered Frequency Synthesizers, Receivers and Exciters that meet stringent phase noise, stability and reliability requirements to our customers’ specifications. Rodelco has designed fast switching, broadband Frequency Synthesizers, Receivers and Exciters covering the frequency range of RF to Ka Band. 

RODELCO ELECTRONICS has designed  custom X-Band Synthesizer Assemblies for airborne military radar applications. This Synthesizer Assembly incorporates a Reference Oscillator, 8 Phase Locked Fixed Frequency Oscillators and five independent agile Phase Locked Synthesizers.   The Synthesizer Assembly features Phase Noise of less than -100 dBc/Hz at 1 KHz offset (integrated phase noise 0.2 degrees), 100 Hz to 1 MHz, less than 1Hz resolution, a switching speed of 7µsec maximum, and spurious of greater than -85 dBc.  The Synthesizer has excellent phase noise characteristics under a high level shock and vibration environment. Receivers, utilizing Rodelco Designed Filters, achieve spurious signals better than 90 dBc.

Our concept of FLEXIBLE MICROWAVE SOLUTIONS allows our customers to participate in the design process and to insure that the mission requirements are met.

Contact our Sales Department to inquire about your Synthesizer, Receiver and Exciter requirements.