Rodelco Electronics has designed and delivered custom Converters for the Military and Aerospace marketplace. We have designed Converters to the most stringent military screening and reliability requirements which incorporate:

  • • Low Noise Amplifiers
    • Image Reject and Bandpass Filters
    • Switches
    • BIT Detectors

  • • IF Amplifiers, Switches, Attenuators,
      Filters  and Control Circuitry
    • Synthesized Local Oscillators
    • Mixers
  • • Isolators
    • STC Attenuators
    • Limiters
    • Up Converters
    • Down Converters

We have designed converters covering the frequency range of RF to Ka Band. Our concept of FLEXIBLE MICROWAVE SOLUTIONS allows our customers to participate in the design process and to insure that the mission requirements are met.

Contact our Sales Department to inquire about your Converter and Receiver requirements.